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Small Magical Facts

Oh dear. I suppose I really ought to collect these somewhere instead of letting them wander about unsupervised. To summarize, I read something I really liked and decided to write some lore of my own. Enjoy. +++ Stamps carried in the wallet will fly swiftly and return bearing money, but only when the book is… Read more »

That moment when you decide to dump your notepad session and come across something you don’t remember writing:

Departmental Memoranda

Wherein our intrepid reporter wastes time with his coworkers. R: Accidents on paseo and east bound I-40, been on the road an hour already. E: West Siiiiiiiiiiiiiide! R: Lol! Yup E: Did two donkey carriages crash into each other blocking the dirt road passage through the alfalfa field? Me: South Valley people kinda nod their… Read more »

Weaponized Snacking

So I did a thing where I took a simple recipe and adapted it with a few changes and… aw hell. I have been teaching myself to bake. First it was biscuits, then it was Focaccia, and now it’s this weird West Virginian thing called a “Pepperoni Roll.” I’m goaded into it by That Girl… Read more »

Farmer semantics

“Son, go get me some eatin’ cheese.” I craned my neck backwards of the armrest of the couch and fixed one eye on my father. “What’d you call it?” “Eatin’ cheese. I want some cheese to gnaw on, an’ I know your mother went to the store jus’ yestiday.” “Yeah, that. What the hell is… Read more »

Scooby Fuck-you

A grey floating fog grabbed hold of my right ankle and started to drag me bodily down the hall as my friends screamed and panicked. I saw the dim fluorescent blubs flickering overhead as we picked up speed, my jacket and shirt torn away so the tender flesh of my back began to skid against… Read more »

A bit nutty…

When you have as many fatal allergies as I have, one develops a certain relationship with one’s upper-respiratory system. Obsessed is a nice way of putting it. Ghoulish is perhaps more accurate. I’ve had something along the order of 40 bacterial sinus infections in my life. That’s a little more than one for every year… Read more »

Contributions to the Political Process

I received an email from a relative today asking me about a suspicious email from her ISP, Comcast, suggesting she upgrade her hardware for “Speed” purposes. I spent a fair bit of time composing a response, which I will now share here for posterity. I welcome feedback on this issue from my fellow net professionals… Read more »

Chicago Filk

    “Don’t knooooooow” Does anybody really know what file this is     “Caaaare” Does anybody really care     “Wipe that Driiiiive“ If so I’ll run chkdsk a while     “Temporary Files“ Uninstall will take a bit of time. PS: If you’re still confused, listen to This. PPS: Yes I’m a dork… Read more »