That moment when you decide to dump your notepad session and come across something you don’t remember writing:

What do you get the Witch that has everything?

Are her nails caked with mud and bloody from pulling bindweed? Do her lilies run red from the birds her cat buries in the planter? How could you possibly find a knife sharp enough to cut through the roots that plague her hedgerows? How do you flatter someone who makes the Morning Glories stretch out to caress her palms and causes apples to fall into her upended hat?

Is her hair stained with miso paste and dyed purple with beet juice? Why is her Chef’s knife impossible to remove from it’s block, and always appear twice as long in her hand then when you’re washing it? What spice can you buy that she hasn’t already created at home and what game can you fetch her that doesn’t already hang in her larder?

What color of lipstick do you bring the descendent of iffrit?

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