Dave’s quick and easy Yogurt-in-the-Jug

Inspired by flavrt‘s instructables guide to Yogurt By The Gallon.

1 x Styrofoam beer cooler as incubator
1 x Heavy stock pot
1 x Digital Temperature Probe (Example)
4 x Canning rings or custard cups
1 x Steaming basket w/o center post (Example)
1 x Gallon of milk, the less-processed the better

1. Place canning rings or custard cups inside stock pot.
2. Rest steaming basket on top of rings/cups.
3. Place milk jug inside steaming basket, fill pot with water to 1 inch below rim of pot.
4. Puncture milk jug lid with temperature probe, set alarm for 185 F.
5. Heat milk over medium-low heat until alarm sounds.
6. Take pot off heat and place in sink.
7. Using a hot pad, take milk out of pot.
8. Remove basket and custard cups with tongs.
9. Pour hot water down drain.
10. Start filling pot with cold water, replace milk jug in pot.
11. Fill pot to rim with cold water.
12. Wait, check temperature every 15 minutes.
13. Once temp reaches 115 F, pull milk jug and set aside.
14. Dump warm pot water into styrofoam incubator to warm interior.
15. Take 1 to 2 Tbsp of existing yogurt and place in a clean coffee mug.
16. Temper yogurt with warm milk, stir with a chop stick to blend.
17. Reintroduce blended yogurt and milk carefully into milk jug. (A funnel may be used if needed.)
18. Empty warm water from incubator, place milk jug and temperature probe into incubator.
19. Set aside for 8 Hours minimum.

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